This portal, a very specific Business Directory, offers a worldwide listing of eco-friendly products and services all around yachting. From sustainable design and renewable energies as power source right up to yacht recycling at a yacht’s end of life. Aimed prevalently at recreational yachting, there might very well be useful information for those active elsewhere in the nautical industry, too. Just have a look around and decide for yourself.

The portal was created as a spin-off from two research projects running since several years: Sailors21 and Yachtrecycling. That research is global and meanwhile has gathered lots of websites and articles. It makes little sense to spread so much specific information about products and services within the text of articles alone. So acknowledging the facts that

  • many of you just need to know where you can get a specific product or service,
  • are less interested in discussions about eco-friendly yachting and
  • all the fine resources gathered over time are much more useful if presented in a clearly structured overview,

the Sailors 21 Sustainable Business Directory was created.

The Directory can be searched, in advanced search mode,

  • via Google maps aka location,
  • by topic (such as cleaning products, yacht recycling, construction materials),
  • by working field (e.g. maintenance or training) or
  • by a company’s or organisation’s name.

Listing your products or services here is free of charge! What you see here is a growing global business directory. And a disclaimer applies to all you see on this site. Please read it here.

You can add or claim your listings directly here. In order to manage your submitted data, an access account called membership is mandatory. Free as well.

That having written, only two preconditions apply, for any type of listing here: Your product or service must be 1) active which means: Currently available and 2) clearly related to the scope of this portal which means, it must be a product or service directly related to sustainable yachting. Examples include producers of solar panels for sailing yachts, biodegradable yacht cleaning products, yacht dismantling stations, yacht component recyclers, educational institutes teaching about (how to protect) our maritime ecosystems. I do reserve the right to remove any entries not corresponding to both of these 2 criteria from the portal, to ensure the quality and relevance of all entries. And I will do that without prior warning, or discussion.

Any questions, feedback, other suggestions? Get in touch! Drop me an e-mail and I’ll get back to you within one working day.